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Development services.


  • PubSub TSN
  • Low footprint
  • Platform independent
  • Wired and wireless

SDK development

  • Extensions of the Matrikon Flex SDK
  • Contribution to open62541


  • Matrikon Flex and open62541 SDKs
  • Server or Client implementation
  • Any profile
  • Platform independent

User application

  • UA address space
  • Information Modelling / Companion Specs
  • HA / A&E
  • Security

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“ is a key and proven partner to Matrikon, lending their expertise and knowledge of the Matrikon Flex OPC UA SDK to customer projects as well as product development. With their in-depth embedded experience they are uniquely positioned to deal with a wide array of project challenges, regardless of industry vertical. The relationship between and Matrikon continues to grow as we move forward into the ever changing landscape of IIoT and Industrie 4.0. Our continued collaboration means success for Matrikon and for our customers.”

Jason Fletcher

Business Leader - Matrikon | Honeywell Connected Industrial

Matrikon Flex C++ OPC UA SDK for any platform, any product, any industry

Matrikon Flex OPC UA is a C++ SDK designed for device manufacturers to embed all the functionality specified in the OPC UA specifications. Flex SDK is a commercial stack, supported and maintained by the manufacturer, Matrikon, one of the pioneers in OPC and OPC UA technologies.

  • PubSub TSN
  • Low footprint
  • Platform independent
  • Wired and wireless

  • Any CPU
  • Bare-metal or OS
  • All profiles supported

  • Low-memory requirement
  • eFlex for restraint systems in development

  • Well documented SDK with several examples
  • Integration training from
  • Integration services from
  • Support from Matrikon and

Evaluation platforms

Evaluate Flex SDK on one of the following evaluation boards

Contact us if you want to evaluate Flex on these boards.

open62541 open-source stack

We are also contributor to the further development and integrator of the open62541 open-source stack


Start your OPC UA journey by discovering and understanding the basics about the technology with our e-learning course.

OPC UA - Fundamentals

  • Advantages of the on-line course format include:24/7/365 availability
  • Access the course using virtually any device: iPhone or Android cell phones,tablets, or computer
  • Includes quizzes to test your understanding
  • Includes demos to help you see the theory in action
  • A course completion certificate

OPC UA Training

Co-developed by OPC UA professionals from Matrikon® and, this course provides clear explanations and demonstrations of core OPC UA concepts engineers and system integrators need to know about to best use of OPC UA in their projects. The course covers essential topics like the origins of OPC UA, security, server discovery, working with real-time, alarm and event data, information modelling, and much more.

The OPC UA Fundamentals course is composed of 6 hours of modular online content.

Language: English
Price: 379 EUR

Need to train your team? Contact us for preferred group rates:


Reference Projects

Matrikon Flex for CODESYS

Matrikon Flex OPC UA integration in CODESYS


Port of UA stack to QNX

Porting of the Matrikon OPC UA stack to QNX


Port of UA stack to WinCE

Porting of the Matrikon OPC UA stack to WinCE


PLCopen companion specs

Stack extensions to support the IEC 61131-3 information model


Euromap companion specs

Support of specific nodeset file for Euromap 82.3


Open source stack integration

Adaptation and configuration of the open62541 stack on embedded platform


OPC UA Stack porting to PIC32

Porting of the Matrikon Flex OPC UA SDK to PIC32MZ with and without FreeRTOS


OPC UA PubSub over MQTT

Sending sensor date to Azure via COLIGO Edge device



Low-footprint wired and wireless solution


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