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Research on OPC UA PubSub TSN

Portable, low-footprint OPC UA PubSub TSN stack for wired and wireless communication






bare-metal and RTOS


Wireless communication

Project size:



OPC UA is a vendor-independent protocol to enable interoperability between Industrial automation systems. This protocol supports a range of transport layer protocols, including TCP, UDP, HTTPS, MQTT and AMQP enabling it to transfer the data from the field-level devices to the enterprise-level applications running in the cloud. However, it does not fulfill all the requirements for time-critical systems. To address this, OPC UA can be integrated with TSN as a set of IEEE standards for low-latency communication for real-time applications over Ethernet.


In this funded research project, we have been working on the requirements, preconditions, and the architecture for a low-footprint OPC UA + TSN SDK (eTSN SDK) which features a gPTP stack, LLDP, RTOS, TCP/IP stack, security, OPC UA Stack & configuration modules which are hardware and OS independent. The design can be well optimized to have sufficient memory and processor cycles to ensure smooth execution of the user application at sub-millisecond network cycle times on low-memory footprint processors. eTSN is prepared to be integrated with wired as well as wireless (Wi-Fi, 5G) TSN networks by using a clean abstraction layer to adapt the physical layers. The test suite delivered as part of the eTSN SDK provides a low-cost testing ecosystem for time sync, traffic scheduling and network jitter.

eTSN provides machine builders with the base layer technology while allowing them to concentrate on their expertise and improve their business models by integrating OPC UA over TSN.



(Image: Julia Bergmeister Fotografie / Computer&Automation)

Product of the year

eTSN took third place in the Communication & Networking category of the Computer & Automation Product of the Year award.





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Expected solution:

The expected output of this research will be a commercial OPC UA PubSub TSN SDK (eTSN SDK) targeting both controllers and devices, including constrained memory platforms. eTSN will provide an adaptation layer to any target platform and can be used on larger RTOS based systems as well. Additionally, tools for configuration and performance tests will be part of eTSN:

  • Low-footprint Matrikon eFlex OPC UA PubSub stack
  • 802.1As PTP stack
  • Configuration interface for OPC UA, Qbv and Qbu
  • Low-cost test suite

Progress and status:

  • May 2022

    Grant received

  • June 2022

    Project start

  • Aug 2022

    System specifications available

  • March 2023

    Working prototype on Renesas RZ/N2L

  • Oct 2023

    Matrikon eFlex OPC UA PubSub available

  • Oct 2023

    PTP stack available

  • Jan 2024

    WiFi TSN prototype ready

  • March 2024

    Field tests

  • June 2024

    SDK release

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Research Team

This research project is done in cooperation with the University for Applied Sciences of Offenburg – Germany.