Our expertise covers the runtime system and customization of the IDE. A CODESYS course is available on BE.educated®, the e-learning platform for Industrial Automation Software.

We support you with

Automation Platform Development

Customization of the CODESYS IDE

Runtime extension

Runtime System I/O drivers and runtime components

Security Improvements

Communication through security kernel (ESS)

Third-party tool integration

Integration in firmware and IDE

Runtime adaptation

Embedded or any OS

Full OPC UA Support

Integration of Matrikon FLEX OPC UA SDK

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" has been Premium CODESYS System Partner for many years and has a deep knowledge about our technology to support common clients in their customization requirements. Whether customers look for CODESYS Control Runtime expertise or extensions in the CODESYS IDE, is the partner of choice! Not to forget the CODESYS E-learning offering that hundreds of engineers have already successfully used… "

Dieter Hess


Reference Projects

Adaptation to Xilinx Zynq

Porting of CODESYS Control and IoT technologies on ARM Cortex and fieldbus stack on FPGA


Real-Time Test Framework

Test environment to test and monitor the performance of the device and the Ethernet communication


POWERLINK integration

Integration of the openPOWERLINK stack in CODESYS


EtherCAT with TI Sitara's PRU

Development of SysEthernet driver for PRU-ICSS for low communication jitter


Embedded runtime integration

Adaptation to MQX, multitasking support, CAN communication


High end CNC kernel

Integration of the ISG CNC kernel in CODESYS Control and corresponding configuration editor


Support of custom protocol

CODESYS Control extension to support a customized serial protocol


IDE extensions

Configuration tool for drives in the CODESYS IDE with Automation Platform


CE to Linux migration

Porting the software from WinCE into Linux and preparing of corresponding image for PLC


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