Our services range from consulting to threat modelling and hardening of the IoT environment


Security in IoT is the act of securing Internet devices and the networks they're connected to from threats and breaches by protecting, identifying, and monitoring risks. It combines a set of practices and processes to protect physical devices, networks, processes and the technologies that comprise the IoT environment.

At BE, Cybersecurity is part of our design, development and processes. With a Secure-by-Design approach, we are able to face the main IoT cybersecurity challenges:

  • Software and firmware vulnerabilities
  • Insecure communications
  • Data leaks from IoT systems
  • Malware
  • Cyberattacks

As a result, we ensure the security of IoT systems and solutions by:

Secure smart devices

Tamper-resistant hardware, provision of patches and updates, thorough testing, implementation of device data protections

Secure the networks

Strong authentication, encryption and secure communication protocols, minimization of device bandwidth

Secure data

Protect sensitive information, collect only necessary data, secure network communications

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