Data is what an IoT system is built for. We help select the right data and databases.


Database systems form an essential component of an IoT network. They store the data transmitted from different IoT devices in real-time. Databases play a critical role to support efficient handling and storage of data. As such, selecting and integrating the right database is key to an effective IoT platform.


We help you identify and collect the most important data in your application, normalize it (data structuring) and store it in different database systems, depending on your applications. Identifying the characteristics of each dataset is the first step in availing a database service. Depending on the speed, the organization process, scalability opportunities, agility performance and predictive analytical capabilities, we help in selecting the right database solution for your system.

We usually work with SQL, no-SQL solutions or Time-Series databases, most frequently InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, Postgres or MongoDB.

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